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Which product sells well always

Practice shows that success is achieved only by the business that knows which product sells well. The bottom line is that there are products that are successful, there are products that are hugely successful, and there are products that cannot be sold at all. A business that deals with goods that fail, is doomed to 100% bankruptcy.

How to find out which product sells well

If a business wants to be successful, it is vitally necessary, and very quickly, to find the answer to the question of which product sells well. Above the answer to this question, the best minds of humanity fight and fight very successfully, because there are many answers to the main question. All of them are good in their own way, but they have an important nuance.

The problem is that when there are many answers to one question, one may suspect that the available answers are not entirely correct. If the answers to the question are not entirely correct, then the activity based on them is not entirely correct, in other words, it either does not bring profit, or brings, but not to the fullest extent possible.

Good sales are observed when there is a plan for the promotion of goods and because of this it is moving purposefully, and not chaotically. But this is not the only answer. For this reason, the project “No-marketing” joined the search for other answers to the above question and did not just connect, but connected in the context of the concept of no-marketing.

This is a completely new look, not previously used.

In other words, the search for an answer to the question which product sells well is carried out using the views of marketing noo-marketing. This is a completely new view, not previously used to find the answer to this question. Looking from the point of view of marketing to various other marketing issues, it was possible to get clear and unambiguous answers.

Accordingly, there was a hope that it would be possible to get a clear and unequivocal answer to the question now. I must note that the answer was indeed received, and you will recognize it, but for this you need to read the article to the end, because the answer, although simple, is lengthy. But believe me, it’s worth it, because you have never read the offered information.
First of all, it is necessary to remember that the concept of noo-marketing comes from the fact that everything originates from ideas. Ideas penetrate into our world and begin their evolution here. The basic sales methods are based on this beginning. For evolution, ideas need forms, i.e. some objects through which they can evolve.

Objects that must be purchased for money and there are goods

First of all, ideas need forms in which they can be embodied, in other words, ideas are needed at home in which they can settle. A man without shelter is a homeless person, just as an idea without shelter, if I may say so a homeless person Any normal person does not want to be homeless and strive to get it, just as the idea does not want to be homeless and strive to get housing.

Moreover, if an idea is introduced into a person, then it uses it to obtain housing, motivating them to acquire these or other objects that the idea perceives as their own housing. Some objects are freely available, and some must be purchased for money. Objects that must be purchased for money and there are goods.

But the goods are for a person, but for an idea it is not a product, but simply a form in which it can be embodied, in other words, what is a product for a person, for an idea it is just housing. Thus, an idea embedded in a person uses it for its own purposes. However, the idea is not an egoist, she does not just use a person for her own purposes, she, if he gives her housing, thanks him.

Their number will correspond to the number of people in whom this idea has been implemented.

There is gratitude in the form of feelings of pleasure and happiness. If the house came up with the idea, it settles in it and causes a pleasant feeling in a person. Accordingly, if the house does not fit the idea, it, of course, can settle in it, but will constantly complain about what is manifested in the unpleasant sensations that arise in a person – the carrier of this idea.

Knowing this brings us closer to answering the question of what product sells well. The important point is that the idea can be introduced not into one person, but into several people. Accordingly, houses, or in other words, goods may need a lot.

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