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Urgently need customers? There is a recipe!

There are situations when customers are needed quickly, urgently and most importantly – as cheaply as possible, but better generally free. Such situations at one time or another face 100% of companies. Someone encounters when opening a business, someone a year after opening, someone 5 years after opening, and some later. The fact that everyone is familiar with the lack of clients allows us to say that an urgent need for clients is a normal working moment, not something extraordinary.

The situation is working, but very unpleasant, because with a shortage of clients there are many problems, because any business has fixed costs that must be covered in order not to go broke. The main problem with a lack of customers – lack of money. To solve it, you need to urgently sell a lot of goods or services. Is it possible to get customers quickly, a lot and urgently? You can, if you quickly offer a product or service to a large number of people.

What to do if you urgently need customers
If you urgently need customers in large quantities, there are several options to get them. Option One – a site with good traffic. As such, you can recognize a resource that has at least 10,000 unique visitors per day. If you have such a site, then you can put on it a “selling banner” that will generate customers. The second option is a large group or a page on social networks that many people subscribe to.

With the help of a “selling post” in a group or on a page, you can quickly generate many clients. The options are working, and practically free for you, but they have one significant disadvantage. If the site, page, group is yours, it means that potential buyers already have your product with a high probability, or they have already bought your service. Accordingly, it is highly likely that they will hardly need another product or another service soon, therefore they are unlikely to sell something urgently.

In order for a sale to take place urgently, the client must be “fresh”, who has not yet bought your product or service. Where to get “fresh customers”? There are a lot of options to get “fresh customers”. You can advertise on television, radio, billboards, order contextual advertising and so on. Their coverage is quite large, but they are paid and rather expensive. As a result, money can be spent more than you earn.

Is there an option that allows you to get a lot of customers, almost for free, quickly, from those who have not bought? Yes, there is such a method – this is an e-mail newsletter to specially collected databases. Making a newsletter on your own, carefully and for a long time collecting base – makes little sense, for the reason that the client will not be very “fresh”, because he, most likely, has already received an offer before and probably even bought something. In order for the client to be “fresh”, the database must contain addresses that you have not yet made an offer to.

How to get customers
One of the most recent real examples is shown in the picture below. The average traffic to the resource before mailing was about 100 unique visitors per day. In the process of sending this figure was able to dramatically increase. At peak times, as follows from the data provided by the metric, about 1,630 visitors visited the site per day. As a result, 6300 new visitors were received in just 6 days. Moreover, their cost was very low. If they were brought up for example using contextual advertising, they would be 25-30 times more expensive.

urgently need customers

Many people believe that if clients are urgently needed, then in this case e-mail sending to other people’s databases is an inefficient way. Opinion has the right to life. Yes, many emails get into spam, many are immediately deleted and do not even open. However, this method has its advantages. Firstly – it is massive. If you send out a million addresses, many of the letters will get to the recipient 100%, proceeding from at least the “theory of probability”, despite all the difficulties. The second plus is the ability to get a high degree of targeting.

You can do a mailing on the basis of a specific country, region and even a city, but you can go even further and make a mailing on a database that includes legal entities with a specific type of activity. The third plus is that you do not need to order expensive video or audio clips, billboards, and so on. It is enough to prepare an interesting proposal in text and graphic format, which can be done quickly and almost free of charge.

What is the effectiveness of e-mail newsletters, what can we expect? It all depends on the quality of the offer, and also on whether mailings are used on their own or as part of a system for selling goods. If the quality is high and there is a sales system, sending out new customers who have not previously bought a product or service and therefore can be called “fresh.” If the offer is one that cannot be refused, then many customers will be received. So if you urgently need customers, you can always get them, if you know how to do it.

Urgently need customers? There is a recipe!
There are situations when customers are needed quickly, urgently and most importantly - as cheaply as possible, but better generally free. Such situations at one time or another face 100%…


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