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Promotion of accounting services with a guarantee of success

High-quality promotion of accounting services allows you to get a powerful stream of customers. Without clients, the accounting business cannot exist; therefore, all companies are trying in some way to organize promotion. However, it turns out that a small number of them. The problem is that it is not easy to organize quality promotion for a number of reasons.

High-quality promotion of accounting services

The first reason is that few experts understand how the accounting market functions. Therefore, few people can properly organize the promotion of accounting services. The second reason is that entry into this market is very simple, therefore many companies work on it. Most of them are advanced in tactical ways that do not produce results.

Proper promotion of accounting services involves a strategic approach. If you need a result, not a work visibility, then you cannot do without a marketing strategy. The strategy of promoting accounting services is quite simple and includes several stages. These stages can be implemented both independently and outsourced.

Promotion of accounting services often occurs with errors that lead to the loss of money and customers. The main mistake is the lack of understanding of the need that accounting services satisfy. As a result, services are promoted without being tied to real needs. The second mistake is professional deformation, as a result of which the accountant sees accounting everywhere.

… the client does not need accounting, but a solution to his problems

Philip Kotler clearly pointed out that the customer buys a drill, not because he needs a drill, but because he needs holes that she makes. Similarly with accounting, the client needs not accounting, but the solution of his problems. Accounting services – this is only one of the ways to solve problems that have arisen for this client.

The third mistake – accounting services are promoted from the point of view of an accountant, and not from the point of view of a client. Only an accountant can understand this promotion, but since a person is looking for an accountant, it means that he does not understand bookkeeping. In order to properly and effectively present accounting services to a client, it is necessary to make it a language that he understands.

The first stage of promotion is business auditing. It is necessary to clearly understand the state of the accounting business, its goals, capabilities and resources. Promotion of accounting services without an audit ends with the suggestion of ideas and steps that a business cannot pull financially or ideas that do not correspond to it.

It is the idea that determines how the market works.

The second stage – immersion in the market. This stage involves not only studying the market, but also studying the mechanism of its work. It is necessary to clearly understand why the market works exactly the way it works. The basis of the market – the idea. It is the idea that determines how the market works. Accordingly, it is necessary to determine the idea of ​​the market, then it will become clear how it works.

The third stage is the analysis of the competitive environment. It should be clearly understood that your company is not the only one on the market .. Promotion of accounting services without taking into account competitors is a big mistake. Accordingly, at this stage direct and indirect competitors are determined, their list and rating are compiled, and the strong and weak points of competitors are determined.

After the preparatory work has been done, a strategic vision is formed, which is the core of the strategy. In other words, a strategic idea is determined that will be developed to build a market. After this, a step-by-step plan is formed. Promotion of accounting services should go strictly according to this plan.

Departing from a predetermined plan – a big mistake

After the plan is built, its implementation begins. At this stage it is very important to keep within the plan. To deviate from a pre-planned plan is a big mistake. The plan is desirable to implement completely. If the results that he does not suit you – it is necessary to analyze the strategy and the next time to make it more qualitative.

If you want to get a high-quality strategy and effective promotion of accounting services, then you should contact experienced professionals. You can try to implement everything yourself, but it is better to do this under the supervision of a marketer, receiving advice on marketing from him in those moments when there are any difficulties.

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