New generation business
Many modern businesses do not give their owners what they want. They want businessmen, as…

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New generation business

Many modern businesses do not give their owners what they want. They want businessmen, as you know, a lot of money, but they receive very little. Why is that? Because they basically own the businesses of the past generation, which have reached a maximum in their development, because the shortage of products that has been eliminated within their framework has already been eliminated. Many businesses of the past were based on the “money – product – money” scheme, but this scheme no longer works.

Proof of? Please – many people have money, but no business or there is, but not profitable. This is due to the fact that the business processes on which these businesses are based can no longer cope with all the conditions that exist in the modern economy. They cover no more than 50% of these conditions. Accordingly, more than half of all that is needed for a business in modern conditions remains outside of it. From here and such results.

What is a modern economy? The modern economy is gradually transformed into an ideal economy. Ideal economy is an economy where the product that makes a profit are ideas. Only the business of the new generation that fits the ideal format can give businessmen what they want. Only such a business will cover all 100% of the conditions of the modern economy and will be effective.

In order to enter the business of a new generation, in order to understand what it is, you need to talk a little about the businesses of past generations. Let’s start in order. Initially, people lived subsistence farming. In principle, even nowadays in some countries of the world there are people who live in subsistence farming, in other words, they live off collecting different plants and hunting animals.

They live by their standards well, seemingly not hungry, seemingly dressed. But this is only by the standards of these people themselves. To a civilized citizen of any civilized country, such a standard of living will not only seem low, but generally below the baseboard, hardly anyone would want to live like “savages”.

In other words, natural economy allows one to live somehow, but it is impossible to live normally by modern standards with its help, no matter how hard you try and this is a fact, especially natural economy does not make it possible to get rich in order to afford everything that pleases. You can’t expensively sell roots and game, and the volumes of roots and game that nature produces will not give you the opportunity to make billions of dollars in sales.

Now move on to the next step. The next step is the agrarian sector. Even if we lose sight of the fact that the modern agricultural sector has in itself, including technologies that are not at all agricultural, i.e. it is not purely agrarian, we will see that none of those who live by working on the earth have any special wealth. Somehow live, but not rich.

Many of the representatives of the agricultural sector in general are on subsidies. This situation is typical for all countries. In the modern world, the agricultural sector cannot provide wealth, if only because the price of agricultural products is very low and it will not be able to raise it much. If, say, a kilogram of potatoes costs 0.5-1 US dollars, then a kilogram of Pringles chips from the same potato costs $ 20.

In other words, the main money on potatoes is not earned by farmers, but by those who process it, i.e. industry, which is the business of the new generation in relation to the agricultural business. There are many similar examples for other products. Thus, we can conclude that farmers are not the main ones even in their element; they can be mercenaries from industry.

The situation is similar in the mining sector. Once it was a new generation business, but now it is gone. Despite the fact that some have billions of dollars in raw materials sold, for example, oil-producing countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Russia, Norway, profitability in this sector is low everywhere, and sometimes you have to sell everything at a loss.

Far more oil is made by those who process it, i.e. next in the hierarchy of the economy. Get at least the same gasoline. If the price of oil is now about $ 800 per ton, then the cost of gasoline produced from it in Europe sometimes reaches $ 2,000 per ton. In other words, again, as in the agrarian sector, the main part of the profits is received not by those who create the product of this sphere, but by those who process it.

Offensive course for the situation of those who are engaged in mining, but they can not change it, because they are entirely dependent on those who are above them. True, some oil-producing companies have expanded their business and are engaged not only in extraction, but also in processing and sale, thereby making profits in different sectors of the economy.

As for industrial goods, the situation in this sector is similar to all of the above. About 200 years ago, the industry was a new generation business that gave fabulous incomes. This is now far from true. Take any product, ranging from nails, ending with a car.

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