Building a better marketing strategy
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The missing link of the modern economy.

Reading economic news, materials of experts and analysts, it seems that the economy has some kind of missing link. It is precisely this that is not enough to understand what is really happening and to correct the situation. First of all, the fact that young people do not really want to work, want to pay a lot of attention to themselves, is striking.

It seems, especially for the older generation, that young people are consumers who do not need anything in life except for purchases of new goods and services. To explain this phenomenon even introduced the concept of “generation Y”. And more often in this concept is laid down a negative meaning, to some extent even an abusive one. “Generation Y” – numerous. Well, if only a small part of it was “different,” but then, it’s almost like that. And not because they themselves have made such, they were born such.

Since the generation of new people en masse has some characteristics, then these very characteristics are the norm. It can not be that everyone behaved en masse wrong. Based on this, it can be concluded that “generation Y” was born for some other world that has not yet arrived. It behaves as it is right in the framework of this new world, but for the representatives of the old world their behavior is not natural.

Therefore, the new generation and roll barrels. It is believed that his representatives do not want to learn. Really learn is the norm. This is a natural desire. If there is no desire to learn, it may mean that they simply teach the wrong person. It is believed that his representatives are not motivated. In reality, this only means that they are not motivated by what they need. They want to teach the principles of the old, alien world for them and they want to motivate them to work not on their own world, but on a foreign world that goes down in history.

“Generation Y” began to be born en masse 20-30 years ago, when the “old world” came to an end. The fact that the “old world” has come to an end burns a lot of facts. First of all, this is the global growth of debt. Very interesting information on this subject is revealed in this article. The bottom line is that for the last 20-30 years the civilized world has been living in debt. In fact, at the expense of future generations. The world economy has been in crisis all this time. And in a deep crisis, which is visible only to specialists.

Some countries are growing, so it seems to an outside observer that the crisis is not everywhere. But there really is a crisis everywhere. When there is no crisis, everyone grows together. And if someone is paying at the expense of another, such as China, then there is a crisis. If someone is undernourished, and the other transmits – this means that the crisis is on the face. There is no crisis – when everything is enough for everyone. Here, for example, information about how money from all over the world flows to the West. Due to receiving subsidies from all over the world, the West lives quite well now.

Where did the dog rummage? What is really the matter? The fact is that there is a crisis. Very deep crisis, which is 20-30 years old, and maybe more. Moreover, the crisis is not a financial one, as it may seem, but rather an ideological one. The essence of the crisis is that the new world has come, but they are trying to live in it as before. Hence the problems got from all sides. Many experts are aware of the essence of the crisis, but they are trying to understand it through the terminology and world outlook of the old world, so nothing really works out.

Here it is appropriate to recall the phrase “a fish does not know about the existence of water until it is pulled into the air.” Approximately in such position now to be the whole world. There are feelings of change, but very few people actually visited the “new world” and can tell how it looks, explain it to others. What will the fish that got to the air tell the inhabitants of the water when they return to it?

She will say that air has nothing to do with water. Everything is different there. Other principles. It never rains under the water, but it happens in the air. It is impossible to fly under water, but in the air it is possible. The sun looks completely different if you look at it from water or from land. It can be said that the aquatic environment is the “old world” and the air environment is the “new world”.

Relatively speaking, humanity repeats the emergence from water on land, which was made by its distant ancestors many millions of years ago. The current crisis is the crisis of the transition from one environment to another. This, of course, is about a different social environment, and not about the natural one. Everything else (financial crisis, the strange behavior of the younger generation) is just a consequence.

For a long time, people lived in an industrial environment. Life in it was determined by the relevant principles and rules. One of the main principles – produce. Production was considered as the last point, as the main goal. This is normal, there were really not enough goods then, there was a shortage, so it is logical that all efforts were concentrated in this direction.

The second principle – who works – he eats. If you want, there is – go and work, go do something. If you want, there is a lot and tasty – work a lot and work hard, well, or open a business and start production with someone else’s hands. The industrial world began in England in the years 1740-1780.

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