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How to keep business and customers

Looking into the eyes of reality, you look at the starting point and see how to save a business. Looking at the point of reference, you will clearly understand that everything is not as bad as it may seem. Why? Because you will not leave below the point of reference, because it is the limit, the absolute limit beyond which there is nothing. The starting point is the bottom. The sensation of the bottom is relaxing and soothing.

You see a potential, just a huge potential.

Standing at the bottom, look up. What do you see? You see the potential, just a huge potential. You see the potential not only yours, but also others. Every business has the potential that just needs to be realized. Everyone needs products and services. Therefore, customers will never disappear. This will never happen. They have always been, are and will be.

The only question is to find them, and to find quickly and cheaply. If consumers are expensive, you earn little or no profit. If you search for customers for a long time, others may find them and offer them their goods or services and you will be in the span. So if you want to know how to keep business – the answer to this question is really simple.

How to save business and money
To save a business, you just need faster than others and get consumers as cheap as possible. The idea is of course banal, but now it is not easy to implement it. There are no other ways. To save the business in other ways will not give competitors. The cheaper the consumer, the higher the profit, because there are no other sources of cost reduction.

The clients themselves are not generated.

The clients themselves are not generated, they must be produced. Spending on the production of customers is also natural, how to spend on the production of goods. Is it possible to do without creating clients and spending on it? You can not, because the client does not know about your products. No one except you will do this, no one except you will talk about your products.

To tell a customer about a product or service, information channels are needed, information carriers are needed, and most importantly, quality information about the product or service is needed, and not any, but in a language that the customer understands. If you have no channels, no information, its carrier, you will not be able to report your products to the client. absolutely nothing.

Marketing as a way to save business
Marketing as a way to save business

This means that you can never get customers in general and cheap customers in particular. To get at least some customers, and even cheaper and faster, you need a very high-quality marketing. This is not to say out loud, but the main purpose of marketing is to reduce the cost of customers and reduce the time of their generation.

So marketing is fishing with a net.

You can fish a fishing rod, and you can put the network. So marketing is to fish with a net. If you put the net correctly, you can catch a lot of fish at once. Of course, you need to invest in the net, it costs a little more than a fishing rod. But do not need a bait, which is enough exactly one time. As a result, the network is cheaper than a fishing rod.

And fishing with a fishing rod suggests that you need to sit and catch. The network can be set up and periodically checked while doing other things at this time. Marketing it as a network, therefore a tool that is very popular all over the world, which helps to keep business. Huge funds are invested in it. Very often, investments in marketing reach up to 20% of revenue.

The right way to keep business
All this is not just so, because every dollar invested in marketing brings 5-10 dollars of profit, and sometimes more, which allows you to save your business. That is why marketing is needed – it makes money, good money, it allows you to squeeze the maximum out of the invested amount. It may seem that 20% of the investment in marketing of the amount of income is expensive.

You can invest in marketing and later

But if you count how much money is lost due to lack of marketing, then it becomes clear that in fact it is not so expensive and expensive. Investments in marketing – one of the first investments. They are usually made before production begins. You can invest in marketing later, after enough fish are caught with a fishing rod.

Fishing with a fishing rod will help you save money for it. to buy a net and catch it. But you can spend it all your life. It is more logical to shrink a bit and immediately catch the net. It is more logical to build all the processes initially on the principles of marketing. Thanks to marketing you:

get only suitable customers;
spend time only on suitable customers;
get a lot of customers at once, not one at a time;
spend money only on “their” clients;
get the cheapest customers;
do not make unnecessary movements;
have a lot of free time;
have options for maneuvers;
confidently moving forward;
manage customers.

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