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Total optimization of the company’s business processes

Optimization of the company’s business processes is bringing the business to a state where it brings the most money with the minimum amount of time and resources. Through optimization, the efficiency and profitability of the company is increased, its costs are reduced. The results of companies that have optimized their business processes indicate its profitability.

Optimization of turnkey business processes

There may be several reasons for optimization. The first is that the business model has exhausted itself and has ceased to give the desired result. The second is that the company has very high costs, which it hardly covers at the expense of earnings. Third – the company has a very low competitiveness. The fourth – the company’s employees are sluggish, do not work well, they have no motivation.

Optimization of business processes of the company can be correct and high-quality, yielding results and money. According to statistics, this approach is used by about 5% of businesses, which eventually become market leaders. Also, optimization can be virtual with an imitation of vigorous activity that does not bring results and money. This approach is typical for 95% of businesses.

Proper optimization of the company’s business processes
Proper optimization of the company’s business processes

Proper optimization of the company’s business processes is possible only if you rely on the basic essence of the business. Such, as is known, is the idea of ​​business. Business itself is the embodiment of this idea. The basic business process of a company is the process of implementing the idea underlying the business. The remaining business processes are subprocesses of the company’s main business process.

A successful business is usually built around the idea that underlies it.

Often, optimization of the company’s business processes is carried out intuitively, based on the inner motives of the businessman. As a result, business processes are set up not in accordance with the idea that underlies the business. Business processes obtained in this way do not lead to business development and making money. On the contrary, they are sticks in the wheels of business and money-eaters.

A successful business is usually built around the idea that underlies it. Such business optimization is usually not required. However, if a business is initially built incorrectly, it is usually not able to generate money, but it does generate problems well. The results of such a business gives only after it receives effective business processes after their optimization.
According to statistics, about 95% of businessmen do not know the idea of ​​their business, which is the cause of 99% of the problems that a business has. Accordingly, the proper optimization of the company’s business processes begins with the separation of the company’s idea with the help of the business legma. After the idea is highlighted, an algorithm for its implementation is built, which is the company’s core business process.

Perfect business is all about making money

Then, around each of the elements of the base business process, a subprocess serving it is built. The result is a complete set of business processes that are aimed at developing the business idea, and hence at developing the business as a whole. Optimization of the company’s business processes by the proposed method allows to get the ideal business, in which there is nothing superfluous.

The perfect business is all about earning money. There are no processes that do not make money, and there are no processes that bring problems. Optimization of business processes of the company can be carried out independently, if there are the right people and technology. If something is missing, you can always get advice on business and answers to all questions.
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