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Training "Immersion in business" with the head
Immersion in the business. Do you need it? Yes, if you want to control your life, and not want it to rule you. Yes, if you want the best. Yes,…

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Forming a successful marketing strategy
Forming a marketing strategy is a procedure that allows you to create a foundation for business success. Businessmen have long understood that building a business based on intuition does not…

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Total analysis of business performance

Analysis of business performance is a very profitable business. First, through analysis, you can increase sales. Secondly, through the analysis you can get repeat sales. Thirdly, its implementation helps to find the weak points of the business and strengthen them. Fourth, it helps to make the right management decisions and get more profit.

Analysis of turnkey business performance

Many do business without analytics, simply on the basis of their intuition. The approach is very good, however, intuition does not see all the details that analysis of business performance allows you to see. Losses that are incurred due to the fact that business is conducted on intuition, usually account for 10-50% of sales, and sometimes can reach up to 100% or more.

Earlier, when it was necessary to carry out the analysis with “hands” and it was very expensive, it was often cheaper not to conduct it at all. Now there are services that allow you to conduct analysis of business performance inexpensively and almost instantly. For example, there is a very effective service Roistat, through which you can learn a lot of useful information about a business.

As mentioned above, various services, such as Roistat, allow you to make a detailed analysis of business performance in just a few minutes. You can analyze a lot of things, including calculating the profitability of an advertising channel with regard to repeat sales. Often only current calculations are conducted, only current sales are analyzed and this is not always correct.

Based on the analysis, you can develop scripts for sales of goods that will increase the efficiency of workers.

Analysis of current sales results may show that the channel is ineffective and it is turned off. However, if an efficiency analysis is done, for example, for 3 months, it turns out that due to repeated sales, the channel has great potential and cannot be turned off. Over time, the channel not only pays off, but also brings good profits and, accordingly, it is not worth rushing to turn it off.

The use of services allows, among other things, to analyze the effectiveness of company employees. With their help, you can get sales statistics of each individual employee and understand whether he was able to establish contact with customers or he did not succeed. Based on the analysis, you can develop scripts for sales of goods that will increase the efficiency of workers.

Often there is a problem, but it manifests itself not where it arises and where it is respectively searched. For example, often low sales are associated with non-optimal procurement processes. You can really sell a lot more, but nothing. Stones fly towards sellers, and the matter is in suppliers. Intuitively, this is impossible to understand, but only analytically, using a variety of services.

Analytical services help not only to find problems, but also to get hundreds of ideas for business development.

Analysis of business performance through analytical services allows you to very quickly examine the company’s business processes. As a result, it is possible to understand which of them are effective and which should be optimized. Accordingly, it is possible to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the business and its integrated optimization. The result will be the maximum synergistic effect.

Analytical services help not only to find problems, but also to get hundreds of ideas for business development. And it will not be virtual ideas, the implementation of which will bring nothing. It will be ideas that are interesting to customers and their implementation will increase sales and profits. You can try the service right now using the NOOMARKETING promo code for 3000 rubles.

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