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Any talent can become a base for business.

Any talent can become a base for business, you just need to understand that talent itself cannot be monetized. You can only monetize a product created by talent. You can not sell your design talent, the talent of an actor, singer, race car driver, doctor, manager, teacher or athlete. You can sell only a specific product.

Money does not pay for beautiful eyes, but for the specific product that you offer. At the same time, the product must be creative, because only the presence in the product of the creative component clearly indicates that it was created by a talented person. The main thing is not to forget that creativity is not indulgence, but one of the most profitable business areas,

Creativity can bring billions of US dollars, if you do it on the right technology. There is a demand for creativity. Within the framework of the world economy, a huge sector of the creative economy has already been formed and continues to take shape. This means that, within the framework of the global economy, there are excellent conditions for monetizing talent through creativity.

… creative economy is getting stronger

The rapid development of the creative sector of the world economy is due to the fact that the leading players in world markets understood that further development of the market is possible only at the expense of creativity and they began to pay great attention to it. Creativity has become a real and powerful engine of the world economy and as a result, the creative economy is felt more and more.

In such an economy, a product that has real value and is well paid for is only creative. For this reason, this type of economy is so named. Anyone who wants to get rich or at least just make good money in a creative economy should be able to generate creative ideas and create creative products on their basis.

Creative products are the most promising business of the future. Their perspective is, first of all, related to the fact that in order to enter the market of creativity, cash investments are not needed at all. This makes entry into this market one of the easiest. To enter the market of creativity you just need to show your talent, generate and sell a creative idea.

To develop an expensive talent, you need to pump over an expensive idea.

All that is needed to generate a creative idea is free time, a lot of free time. Accordingly, creativity is not only the monetization of his talent, but also the monetization of his free time. We just need to remember that, despite the fact that you can monetize any talent, not every talent can be monetized expensive.

There are such talents, the monetization of which brings more money, and there are those that are less. To earn more money in the same time, it is logical to develop the “expensive talent”. To develop an expensive talent, you need to pump over an expensive idea. Previously, the unit could be pumped up with an expensive idea, and, as a rule, often by accident.

Turning creative activity into a real business is possible only if you put the monetization of talent on stream. The problem is that the creative economy in the form in which it is now being formed is a fairly new phenomenon, which means there are very few literature on how to effectively generate and sell creative ideas.

… it presents a whole system for working with ideas …

Literature is a bit more because few people want to share secrets. One of the books on this topic, entitled “Launching Innovation,” was written by Gijs van Wulfen, who thus decided to share his secrets of making money with creativity. In Russian, this book is offered to readers by the publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber.

The main advantage of the book is that it presents a whole system for working with ideas, ranging from the tools for generating ideas, and ending with the tools for selling them. Including in the framework of this book offers many tools to solve a number of problems that confront any representative of the creative business.

The first of the problems that confronts a person who has decided to capitalize on creativity is the difficulty of starting. Very often, and I want to engage in innovation and do not want at the same time, because it is very difficult to understand whether there is enough strength and knowledge. In the book “Launching Innovations”, a number of techniques are suggested that make it possible to understand whether or not it is worth doing innovations.

An idea divorced from reality is only suitable for self-satisfaction.

The second problem that often confronts an innovator is a decrease in the amount of motivation to work with innovation over time. This problem is particularly acute at the initial stage, because the launch of innovations is a very energy-intensive, time-consuming and lengthy process, but the result is not soon and for this reason, the motivation begins to fall with time.

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