How to build an effective business
An effective business is a business in which there is no shortage of consumers. There used to be a shortage of resources, then a shortage of goods, but mankind coped…

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Market research without money
Free marketing research is a reality accessible to all. The importance of marketing research is that they are the main source of complete and objective information about the market. This…

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Total optimization of the company's business processes
Optimization of the company's business processes is bringing the business to a state where it brings the most money with the minimum amount of time and resources. Through optimization, the…

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Marketing and its role in the economy of the future

The future of the world economy is a big question. This is due to the fact that it has been in a very deep crisis for a long time. This is recognized by all leading experts. They want here and do not need to be an expert, so everything is clear. It survives mainly due to the fact that printing presses are turned on all over the world and an intensive policy of monetarism is pursued.

The future of the world economy and the role of marketing in it

In other words, money is printed everywhere, and the very fact that it is done everywhere allows it to be hidden a little. Why a little? Because against the background of gold and real estate it cannot be hidden. We are told that it is gold that is becoming more expensive, but the truth is that in fact it is not gold that is becoming more expensive, but money is getting cheaper. What is money in general?

Money is a motivator, because it allows you to motivate people and this is their main role. Give a person money and he does certain actions in your interests. All this means that the real cause of the crisis of the world economy is that it lacks precisely the motivation, once the problem is tried to be solved through its creation.

They try to compensate for the lack of motivation with money, but this almost does not help, because money rather does not create motivation, but rather activates it. This means that the future of the world economy depends on whether there is a tool that will allow you to create the necessary amount of real motivation, which will then be activated through money.

… marketing did a great job …

A similar situation was already in the global economy in the recent past, and then it was resolved through marketing. I must say that marketing has done an excellent job with its task, but its capabilities are already at the limit. He has little to give the world economy in the form in which it is now, and therefore it is necessary to carry out its upgrade.

Thanks to marketing 2.0, hidden opportunities were found to grow the economy in the form of people’s needs and requirements. Needs and requirements began to be met and this significantly increased sales. Now in the developed countries of the world to satisfy needs and requirements is natural, but at that time their satisfaction was a real breakthrough.

Today, the needs and requirements are actually met. Nowadays, people do not need much; they have no motivation to strive for something, to buy something beyond what they buy. Accordingly, we need a new tool. If marketing has helped then, then he will certainly help now. This means that the future of the world economy again depends on marketing.

The needs and requirements of people cause ideas embedded in them

Of course, not from the marketing that is now, but from the newer marketing. Marketing in essence is a tool for creating real motivation, and if so, it can help again only if it is a deeper level of marketing. The level of modern marketing is the needs and requirements of people and it has long been passed by humanity.

It is necessary to go to a deeper level, to the level of what causes these very needs and needs of people. If you understand what causes them, then you can get the necessary tool that will make the future of the world economy more rosy. The answer to this question is and it formed the basis of noo-marketing. The needs and requirements of people cause embedded in their ideas.

Noomarketing is based on the fact that everything originates from ideas and is a technology for the development of ideas. Noomarketing is the next stage in the development of marketing. There are other opinions on this. For example, Philip Kotler, the creator of classic marketing, believes that the future is in marketing 3.0, which he has been actively promoting lately.

Noomarketing and “Marketing 3.0” by Philip Kotler are one and the same

Noomarketing and “Marketing 3.0” by Philip Kotler are one and the same. Pavel Bernovich’s nooo-marketing is largely intertwined with “marketing 3.0”. It can even be said that these are synonyms for reflecting the same essence. At the same time, Pavel Bernovich began to talk about future changes in 2008, when noomarketing appeared, and Philip Kotler only recently.

But that’s not the point, but the fact that these changes will be and marketers need a tool to cope with them. The essence of the changes is the same, respectively, and the essence of the new instrument is the same. The difference is only in the words through which this essence is transmitted. Therefore, there are different names, but the essence behind these names is similar with a slight difference.

Philip Kotler conveys the essence of the upcoming changes in his own words, summarizing them under the name “Marketing 3.0”, and Pavel Bernovich in his own words, summarizing them under the name “noomarketing”. Find out what Philip Kotler and Pavel Bernovich say, i.e. to know both versions is very important.

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