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Infology as a marketing technology

Infology is one of the technologies of no-marketing. To understand its essence, let’s imagine the situation: you were kidnapped and brought to an unfamiliar place. Your feelings will be approximately as follows: uncertainty, fear, ignorance, you do not know what to do, where to go, you are ready to rush in any direction, just not to stay here, you just want to escape.

Infology – noomarketing technology

You shy away from every rustle and noise, because you do not know what lies behind them.Your emotions are at the limit, the brain and the mind refuse to work, only the instincts work. You will probably long and without results to wander around the bush. Of course, there is a chance that you will have time to get out of this situation before your life resources run out.

Imagine another situation: you were kidnapped and accidentally brought to a place you know. Almost no feelings. There will be only those related to the abduction itself. But feelings from where you will not have you. You will immediately find out where you need to go and what to do. Noise and rustle are unlikely to scare you, because for sure you already know their source.

You will be bold and confident to do step by step, the situation will be under control. As a result, you will return without loss to where you were kidnapped, quickly forget about the abduction and continue to live in the rhythm you are used to. The situations above are almost the same, with one exception – in the first situation you have no information, and in the second one you have information.

It seems to be a trifle, but in the presence of such trifles, your behavior changes thoroughly. In the first case, you are afraid to take a step, and in the second you are confidently walking, you can even run, because you know what the result will be. Information is a very important resource, its sufficient amount allows you to make a profit, and its disadvantage turns into losses.

Of course, you can do business without information, relying solely on luck. While you are lucky, doing business without information is even more interesting. But as soon as fortune turns its back on you, as soon as the resources you have will be at the limit, which will not allow you to conduct business further, you will begin to think that it would be nice to know the mall.

But these thoughts can be very late, and your further fate is sad. You can avoid a sad fate in business. But for this you need to work, for this you need to make sure that you have known the purchase in advance. This can be achieved by creating a marketing information system that will provide you with the information you need.

Building an information system without technology is like looking for a black cat in a dark room. For this reason, in the framework of the no-marketing, a special no-technology, INFOLOGY, is used to build the information system. The structure of this nootechnology is such that by means of it it is possible to solve the following questions qualitatively:

receive the necessary amount of information;
provide information to those who need it in time;
reduce uncertainty;
to resist disinformation and the actions of competitors;
generate missing information based on available information;
reduce risk;
increase the expediency of action.

INFOLOGY will improve the quality of work with information. With it, you can optimize the flow of information, to make the information presented on time, in the right form and in the right amount. In the modern information economy, in the struggle for customers, those businesses that are better able to work with information than others win.

INFOLOGY makes it possible to increase information security through the definition of access to information for different employees and thereby reduces the likelihood of information theft. Neglecting security is expensive, so it’s best to purchase insurance through the creation of a marketing information system.

INFOLOGY is one of the methods of survival in the world, where the law prevails, which says: “Who owns the information – he owns the world.” This law acted earlier, acts now, and will act throughout human history, for this is the essence of the universe. If you want the business to grow and develop without infology, you can not do.

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