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How to maximize seller performance

The effectiveness of the seller, as shown by numerous studies, depends on whether the necessary idea is embedded in it or not, on how strongly it is implemented and how strongly it is active and on whether there is a system for selling goods. The necessary idea in this case is an idea that embodies the product that the seller implements.

The effectiveness of the seller and ways to improve it

Truly effective can be only the seller, in which the necessary idea is implemented, and a person in whom the idea is not embedded, can not be a seller in principle. The results of these studies can be used to improve business performance in many areas. One of these areas is recruitment.

The data obtained as a result of research allows us to take a fresh look at the process of selecting qualified sellers, as well as identify new criteria that allow you to choose the really best sellers who will actively sell rather than passively take money for a given product, fulfilling only the role of a cashier .

In general, the beginning of an increase in business efficiency should be with the selection of effective recruitment specialists who will continue to engage in the selection of effective salespeople. Personnel involved in the selection of sellers must clearly understand what determines the effectiveness of the seller in fact, and not in theory.

… only the person pumped in by an idea will be a good seller …

He should know that only the person pumped by the idea will be a good seller, and therefore he will be able to apply the basic methods of sales. He should also know that pumping should be an idea that fits the product. If there is a selection of mobile phone sellers, then an idea must be implemented that corresponds to this product.

If we are talking about underwear, then an idea that corresponds to it should be implemented. If you do not know this idea, it is advisable to get advice on sales and get to know her. Moreover, the picker itself must be pumped by the idea otherwise it will not understand who picks up. Of course, he will choose that, but it’s difficult to say how effective the seller will be.

A company that wants an effective salesperson to be picked up should contact agencies where people understand what they are doing, where people understand that an idea is the basis of business processes. Only people who understand ideas can find out if they are implemented or not, and only such people can select an effective seller.

With the help of such methods, an effective seller cannot be found.

Only people who view the idea as a base can pick up a seller who will actually sell, and not stand behind the cash register and scare customers. All other recruitment methods, including sales personnel, are obsolete and indirect, and therefore inaccurate. With the help of such methods, an effective seller cannot be found.

The only method that allows to get qualitative results is the method based on the idea, because the idea is the most direct, that maybe the idea is the very beginning, the idea is the foundation. One of the ways to find out whether the seller has the right idea or not is implemented in a no-marketing tool called legramma.

When people are chosen who are good at recruiting, they can begin their work. First of all, such a person must identify whether the necessary idea is implemented in the seller or not. For this, the personnel specialist needs to have a legram of the relevant product. Legramma is a way to increase the effectiveness of the seller and to study it.

This should be revealed at the selection stage of sellers.

No matter how good a person is in other qualities, but if the idea corresponding to this product is not implemented in it, then he cannot be a good seller. If the idea is not implemented, but the person according to other criteria, in principle, is suitable, it is necessary to understand whether the necessary idea can be introduced into such a person, whether it can be pumped with the necessary idea.

There are people who can be pumped with an idea, but there are those who can not. This must be identified at the stage of selection of sellers in order to not have to pay people who can not sell anything. If the seller has to sell several types of goods, it is necessary to determine whether the idea corresponding to each of the types of goods is embedded in it.

If the idea is not implemented for each product, then the seller will sell the goods well, while others will not be very good or will not be able to sell at all. It becomes obvious what exactly gives us the key to finding a great seller. To do this, of course, you need to read sales articles, but you need to know the main thing – the idea is at the heart of sales.

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